Orgonite is a substance made of resin, metals and quartz that strengthens your body’s energy field, helping to protect you from man-made EMF radiation and negative energy.  I use Orgonite for Transformational session to relax body, to opening up energy centres, to clearing blockages.

Orgonite as we know it was first made by Austrian Karl Hans Welz.  In 1991, he improved on Reich’s orgone accumulator by creating a device made of metal particles cast in resin.  Unlike the ORAC which accumulated both positive orgone (POR) or deadly orgone (DOR), Welz’ “orgone generator” turned DOR into POR.  Welz coined the term orgonite. He later trademarked the name, however he did so only in 2005, nearly ten years later when the word had already become a commonly used generic term.

Don and Carol Croft improved on the original orgonite formula in the early 2000s, by adding a crystal to the resin-metal mix.  The quartz crystal, with its piezoelectric effect, amplifies the energy and aids in transforming DOR.  Some believe that orgonite without a quartz crystal will over the long term become an orgone accumulator, which can be harmful if it is placed in an area heavy with DOR.  The Crofts were also pioneers in the orgonite gifting movement, which has now spread worldwide.