The goal of Transformational Healing is to help connect an individual to their higher self/source consciousness/energy and connect them to mother earth’s energy.  After doing many sessions with clients, I discovered that most people have an active higher chakra (chakras above the crown chakra,) but often the chakras below the feet are not well developed.  When energy/light from the higher self/source are connected to the earth then the energy flow from the higher self gets stronger. Connecting the higher self/source and the earth’s energy gives us protection from negative energies in the surrounding environment. It also helps the individual to have a stronger sense of direction in life and a greater sense of wellbeing. Blockages in the chakras are often caused by attachments of negative energy in the auric field. Clearing negative energies in the auric field helps to unblock chakras.

A transformational session has 3 parts. Total 1 to 1.5 hours depending on conditions.   Sequences are modified by each individual need.

Part One: (of the session) focuses on the body and trying to relax tension in the joints, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and neck. This is achieved by gently moving the body from side to side, massaging, point holding and using hands on energy healing. This prepares the body for energy healing.

Part Two: When clients are relaxed, Orgonite (a subtle energy device) is placed where needed, to balance /open up energy centres.  Then I work with chakras above the head and Heaven’s Gate. This is where energy/light from the source/higher self enters our energy system/perception.

Part Three: Energy/light then begins to travel down the energy system. When blockages are cleared, energy flows. This movement of energy reaches the lowest part of our energy centres called an anchor point, which gives protection available from nature. This process of regaining energy flow from heaven’s gate usually needs to be repeated 3 or more times. Then the energy rapidly flowing from Heaven’s gate constantly reaches the anchor point and the motion of energy becomes stable. This session is aimed to helping connect source consciousness and ground this energy so we are connected and highly functional.

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