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"I had a past life regression with Asa, I just wanted to experience it, by curiosity. I trust Asa as he performed numerous effective energy healings on me previously. I didn’t expect to get from that session a long lasting recovery from chronic neck pain and migraine! I was surprised to get flashes very quickly. I am naturally sceptical, so I thought it was just my imagination. Until I relived a significant traumatic event that awoke the pain even more. After the session, my neck was still sore fore a couple of hours then it disappeared slowly. The day after, the constant pain I was used to was gone. It’s been 7 months since the regression, and I am completely pain free, I can move my head in all direction without any problem and the best of all: only one migraine in 7 months! I used to have it monthly in average. I can’t thank Asa enough for all his work, which he always provides from the heart." - Alexandra

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