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What is NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback?

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback training is a system for harmonising the brain. This effortless technology helps achieve peak performance, improve focus and overall well-being. 

Imagine your brain is like an orchestra, but some of the instruments are out of tune. Apart from not sounding very nice, it also means that your brain cannot function at its optimal capacity. If our brains aren’t functioning well, then we can experience difficulties functioning in daily life. Common expressions of this brain “dys”-function are depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD and emotional issues.

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About NeurOptimal®

Solidly founded in the fields of neuroscience, non-linear dynamics, mathematics, Neurology, Psychology and electrical engineering. Designed to significantly enhance the human experience.

Designed by a duo of Clinical Psychologists to work with the brain as a Non-Linear Dynamical System, NeurOptimal® represents the cutting-edge of neuro-technology today. With the required expertise built into the system and its unsurpassed ease of use, over three million hours of experience have shown NeurOptimal® to be the effective, safe choice for those seeking the most out of their life.

NeurOptimal® is used by professionals and home-users all over the world: From Paris to Perth, Manhattan to Madrid, from Amsterdam to Montreal, NeurOptimal® is the global standard for human performance technology.

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How does it work?

NeurOptimal® brain training works as a ‘detection and monitoring’ system of the changes in cortical patterns within the brain. It mimics the communication of your Central Nervous System (CNS) by ‘mirroring’ the brain activity that can be undermining optimal brain function.

The brain has an inherent ability to self-correct when given the right information, and NeurOptimal® is designed to provide the brain with the information it needs to make its own adjustments. Inconsistency, or abrupt changes in electrical activity in the brain, undermines optimal functioning of the brain. NeurOptimal® detects these abrupt changes and informs the brain of these sudden shifts through interruptions in the sound you are listening to. These almost imperceptible pauses invite your central nervous system to pull away from this less-than-ideal path it was on.

This happens over and over until natural self-correction becomes our new normal and our brain functions more efficiently, effectively and comfortably. When this happens, we sleep better, are less stressed, can focus more easily and feel the joy of an easier life, despite the challenges we may face from the world outside of us.

This approach to training is unique to NeurOptimal®. Training with NeurOptimal® allows our brain — and us — to become more flexible, more resilient. Better Brain function means a Better Life.

How many NeurOptimal® sessions do I need?

Because everyone’s central nervous system is different, it is not possible to predict exactly how your brain will respond to the information NeurOptimal® provides. But because we have over three million hours of experience with NeurOptimal®, we can make some predictions. The good thing is you do not have to take it on faith and trust that it will help you — you will know pretty quickly when it is helping you. And we have progress tracking tools to help you document your training. Just like learning to read; it is a process and everyone learns differently.

How many sessions will it take to “complete” your training? This depends partly upon your goals. If you are training to feel better quickly, you might decide after 10-12 Sessions that you have made enough gains and stop. On the other hand, if you are looking for lasting changes, 20-30 Sessions is a better ballpark.

The good thing is you can stop at any time and always pick it up again later if you so choose. Any training you have done in the past will always serve you well should you do more sessions in the future. No session is ever wasted. For some however, training their brain is like training the body. They want to function at their best throughout their lifetime, and they like to maintain that best even when life presents its inevitable day to day knocks and bruises.

After a period of initial training, they might continue with monthly sessions to give their brain a regular opportunity to “defrag”. Or, like many of us, they just do a session when they feel they need it. But in the end, it is always up to you, because it is YOUR brain that is doing the training and it knows what it needs.

What Should I Expect During A Session?

During a session the practitioner will give you ear buds and attach some wires to the head and your ears. This is NOT painful at all! You will listen to relaxing music, and you will hear small a break or click in the music when your brain starts having a stress response. This will trigger your brain to make a healthier choice and hopefully begin building new neural pathways.

We recommend you do what feels comfortable to you! Some people enjoy laying back and relaxing (maybe even sleeping), while others will read a book, or play a game. Some continue to work on their computer. We highly suggest you do not move around a lot, raising your arm to turn the page is not a problem, doing jumping jacks or walking is a problem.

Why do I choose and recommend NeurOptimal®?

I have been drawn to this modality because it can help people who have challenges functioning in their daily life.  Often the issues are subconscious, and it can be difficult for people to access the help they need via other modalities. It can also help people who aren’t in a space to seek out or apply other help, due to stress, memory loss or confusion. It is an easy way to heal, as all the client needs to do is turn up to a session and relax. It can also be used with children, teenagers, and seriously injured patients, who don’t have the capacity for other kinds of self-help. NeurOptimal® focuses on harmonising the brain, which includes the subconscious brain.

I have trialed the NeurOptimal® myself and experienced some sadness coming up. Although I did not know where the sadness was coming from, I noticed after around 40 sessions that my anxiety about driving the car was gone. I had not even realised I was carrying this anxiety until it was gone. In this respect, I believe the NeurOptimal® is effective for releasing childhood trauma from the subconscious, as well as other repressed emotions, without reliving the trauma. In this way, it is a very gentle therapy.



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Initial 15-minute consultations are available free of charge. Please contact me!

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