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Are you looking to improve your focus, reduce anxiety, or manage chronic pain?

You can regain control over your brain health thanks to NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, achieving optimal mental and emotional well-being is now possible.

Learn how this non-invasive technique can benefit you overcome challenges that other modalities cannot do.

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Manage anxiety symptoms
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About NeurOptimal®

Solidly founded in the fields of neuroscience, non-linear dynamics, mathematics, Neurology, Psychology and electrical engineering. Designed to significantly enhance the human experience.

Designed by a duo of Clinical Psychologists to work with the brain as a Non-Linear Dynamical System, NeurOptimal® represents the cutting-edge of neuro-technology today. With the required expertise built into the system and its unsurpassed ease of use, over three million hours of experience have shown NeurOptimal® to be the effective, safe choice for those seeking the most out of their life.

NeurOptimal® is used by professionals and home-users all over the world: From Paris to Perth, Manhattan to Madrid, from Amsterdam to Montreal, NeurOptimal® is the global standard for human performance technology.

Benefits of neurofeedback

People train using NeurOptimal® for a variety of reasons including managing stress, to increase calmness & focus, peak performance, spiritual and personal growth. NeurOptimal® supports your brain to be in the ‘present moment’ which means your brain can truly live in the ‘Now’. Your brain is free to access the resources it needs and not cycle in the past or be overwhelmed by future thoughts.

How does it work?

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is a form of brain training that gives information to you about your brain activity as it is occurring. This is done through sensors that pick up micro-volts on your scalp (no electricity goes into your brain!). With NeurOptimal®, feedback is provided back to you via audible and visual cues as ‘scratches’ in the audio which bring your brain back to the present moment. The feedback or additional information enables your brain to further optimise.

About Asa

Asa was born in the Japanese country-side, a place of heavy snowfalls and long winters where traditional culture still existed. His own personal transformative experiences have motivated him to investigate the reality behind existence. He has studied religion and mysticism in many different cultures, investigated shamanism and practised many different forms of meditation and yoga. His healing journey has included the study of pranic healing, body work, hands on healing, auric healing, attachment clearing using Vogel cut crystals and the study of several different modalities of kinesiology. 

“I am a spiritual being having a human experience.”

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What They Say

This is my very dear friend Asa Yanagi! Some of you would know him for his Astrology readings, energy and bodywork and now he is doing neurofeedback! I have had a few sessions with him and it’s like the best meditative state I’ve ever been in.. similar to the energy enhancement system! Reach out if you want to make an appointment. Give him a follow and a like-he is finally going online

Anna Tim

“I have been doing Neuroptimal with Asa for about 8 months. 7 and half years ago I was involved in a terrible car accident that left me a Paraplegic. After 5 sessions I started to notice changes. I used to suffer from terrible anxiety and other things. I have been on antidepressants since I lost a child that was stillborn 20 years ago. I think I have done about 20 sessions so far and I am no longer on antidepressants. I would say my mental state is the best it has been since those two huge tragedies. Neurofeedback has done more for me than I could ever imagine. Thanks to Neuroptimal, I no longer have anxiety. I find myself being able to handle stressful situations. Make wise decisions. I feel confident about the future. I feel like I have found myself again. My brain seems to be harmonised. I can’t recommend Neuroptimal and, of course, Asa enough. Asa is so helpful caring and kind. I’ve met a friend for life.”

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