Asa was born in the Japanese country-side, a place of heavy snowfalls and long winters where traditional culture still existed. His own personal transformative experiences have motivated him to investigate the reality behind existence. He has studied religion and mysticism in many different cultures, investigated shamanism and practised many different forms of meditation and yoga. His healing journey has included the study of pranic healing, body work, hands on healing, auric healing, attachment clearing using Vogel cut crystals and the study of several different modalities of kinesiology. “I am a spiritual being having a human experience.”


"Hands down the best massager, healer and astrologist that I have been to before! I have never felt so clear after a healing process before. He spent nearly 2 hours clearing out stuck energy within me and could feel the shifts taking place inside as he was going through his process. I left the energy healing practice feeling so much lighter, more in my body and had a clear direction as to where I was heading in life. Even a few days after, my body still is able to maintain in this light place due to so much healing work being done! Would most definitely recommend!"
- Elizabeth
"I have received many healings, astrology readings and Deep Memory Process sessions from Asa. I have always found Asa's healings to be gentle, relaxing and professional. He has helped me overcome headaches, colds, flu and back pain, as well as releasing old emotions stored in my body. His astrology readings are very informative and insightful, and have brought clarity into my life during times of confusion and change. I highly recommend all of the healing modalities which he uses."
- Emma
"Asa is an extremely talented and powerful healer. I was able to drop very deeply into the healings and Asa was able to locate blockages very quickly and work on them. I could feel very powerful waves of energy and had many insights and answers throughout the session. I have noticed shifts in my energy system after each session and have felt much lighter and brighter and whole again. Asa is a very pure soul who works from the heart. He is truly is a rare gem."
- Vanessa
"I had some Deep Memory Process sessions with Asa, h ehas helped me a lot to understand and integrate some difficult situations and emotions that with our his help I was not been able to make, He walk with me to understand and assimilate the learning behind some difficulties, guiding me to realise tension and stress around it, leaving with the feeling of energy and vitality recuperated, I seriously recommend Asa, to accompany the journey of awakening the wisdom of love! thank you very much Asa."
- Meri
"I had a past life regression with Asa, I just wanted to experience it, by curiosity. I trust Asa as he performed numerous effective energy healings on me previously. I didn’t expect to get from that session a long lasting recovery from chronic neck pain and migraine! I was surprised to get flashes very quickly. I am naturally sceptical, so I thought it was just my imagination. Until I relived a significant traumatic event that awoke the pain even more. After the session, my neck was still sore fore a couple of hours then it disappeared slowly. The day after, the constant pain I was used to was gone. It’s been 7 months since the regression, and I am completely pain free, I can move my head in all direction without any problem and the best of all: only one migraine in 7 months! I used to have it monthly in average. I can’t thank Asa enough for all his work, which he always provides from the heart."
- Alexandra
"I've had several healing sessions with Asa, each time I have always felt safe, supported, filled with light and at peace. He is graciously powerful and yet gentle in his approach. His acute awareness, intuition and energetic sensitivity has helped me transform my emotional body. It is always a blessing to be in his presence. Thank you Asa."
- Ermond Machica
"I had a Energy Healing session with Asa, in a time of big confusion and stress, I receive a very helpful and nourishing session and relief of my worries. Thank you so much for your healing session Asa, I absolutely recommend him also as a Astrologist."
- Meri

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